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Redesignation of Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall Neighbourhood Forum as a Neighbourhood Planning Forum

We hope you received the message from the KOV Forum in January seeking support for redesignation of the Forum as a Neighbourhood Planning Forum (see below). We urge your to assist KOV and respond to the Council by confirming your agreement to redesignation. It will take only a few seconds. Please respond to this before the 22 February closing date by clicking this link or the support button. Local Government Boundary Commission Recommendations for changes to Lambeth Ward Boundaries You may be aware that Ward boundaries in Lambeth are under review by the Boundary Commission Major changes are proposed, particularly in our area of north Lambeth. Substantial changes are proposed to Oval and Princes Wards and a new Ward is proposed. The Boundary Commission suggests Vauxhall Bridge for the new Ward, in the west, taking sections of Princes and Oval Wards. The proposed newly configured Princes Ward is recommended to be renamed Kennington Ward. The reconfigured Oval Ward is proposed to be named Oval and South Lambeth. The full report of the Local Government Boundary Commission can be found here or by clicking on the map.

The report explains the reasons for ward boundary changes, primarily, equality of representation of voters on the electoral role. KOV would very much appreciate it if you would give your comments on the proposals. Pages 9 to 14 cover our area in north Lambeth. KOV would like to respond to the Boundary Commission. We look forward to hearing from you at Thank you. Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall Neighbourhood Forum

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