Our member groups

VGERTA (Vauxhall Gardens Estate Residents and Tenants Association)

web: www.vgerta.org.uk

Friends of Vauxhall Park  
web: www.vauxhallpark.org.uk
Kennington Association
web: www.kenningtonassociation.blogspot.co.uk
Vauxhall Society
web: www.vauxhallcivicsociety.org.uk
The friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
web: www.friendsofvauxhallpleasuregardens.org.uk
Kennington Park Estate Residents
web: www.kenningtonparkestateresidents.org.uk
Oval Partnership
web: www.ovalpartnership.org.uk
Tea House Theatre
web: www.teahousetheatre.co.uk
Whitgift Estate Tenants and Residents Association
web: www.whitgiftestate.co.uk
Wyvil Estate Residents Association (WERA)
web: wyvilresidents.wix.com/wyvilestate
Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library
web: http://www.tatesouthlambethfriends.org/

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