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The Neighbourhood Plan defines the following clusters of retail and other local services uses as Local Centres, as shown on the Policies Map:
Kennington Cross
Clapham Road and Kennington Park Road
South Lambeth Road

Development proposals will be considered in accordance with strategic policy on Local Centres and will also be required to contribute to the improvement of the immediate public realm.

5.16 The London Plan encourages plans to consider the protection of local centres of shops and other services and to develop appropriate policies to support and enhance their role and prevent the loss of retail and related facilities that provide essential convenience and specialist shopping (Policy SD7 and E9). Local Plan ED11 on local centres and dispersed local shops, restates this objective.

5.17 This policy identifies three local centres in the KOV area that fulfil this important local commercial and social function so they benefit from Policy ED11. Well-functioning local centres require a full range of services, including financial facilities such as post offices, banks and cash point machines, credit unions and building societies for the benefit of all in the local community. Local post offices have been under threat of closure and need protecting through the planning system. Parts of the KOV area, including Kennington Cross and Vauxhall south, need safeguarding because of their proximity to the NEV Opportunity Area.

5.18 The recent and planned growth for the area will mean these local commercial and social functions become even more important in the future.  At present, some change may be possible without requiring planning consent, so the policy focuses on changes of use and other development proposals that normally require consent.


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